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What is you favourite turn sequence? You can’t beat the good old waltz three’s 😊 This exercise is excellent to help you get full control of your three turn, which in turn will help your jumps. — 🎥 @ameliaskating — WHAT ——— Exercise: Waltz threes Skill Type: Basic skating Difficulty: Intermediate + WHY —— Learn to control your three turns HOW ——— All the main points are covered in the video, but here are some other important things to remember. There are several different techniques used to perform a three turn, but this is the method I prefer. It’s teaches your to turn from the ground up and not rely on the shoulders. If you learn to initiate turns from the blade, boot, and ankle, you can then use the arms to assist or decorate. Likewise with checking rotation. I prefer to learn to control the core (hips to shoulders) to check turns or rotation. This way the arms can add more energy when really needed. It helps to think of a low and long free-leg, as this will help prevent you from leaning forward. With time you’ll be able to lift the leg higher, without compromising your posture. Also, free-foot just behind the heel to keep the turn nice and tidy. When you rise up to change feet and repeat the sequence be careful not to lean outside the circle or forwards. Do the opposite, and lean back into the circle. TOP TIP ———— Think of bending you ankle, not knee. If the ankle bends the knee will follow naturally. I’ll explain more about this concept in my close friends group 🤗 #coachhamish #teamcoachhamish #iceskatingcoach #iceskating #figureskatingislife #figureskatingcoach #figureskatinglove #dancingonice #patinageartistique #アイススケート#スケート #фигурноекатание #fantasyonice #edeafamily #jacksonultima #officetraining #inspftme #figureskatingft #skatingft #adultsskatetoo #figureskatingthings #figureskatingprogress #adultskater #adultfigureskating #figureskating #skateronice #icedancing #iceskatinglessons #learntoskate #figureskatingprogress #sloughicearena

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